In early 2014, on a whim,  someone in the Overson household said, “wouldn’t it be nice if we could live on a little bit of land, and have a few chickens!” 

Well, that one little thought was the catalyst that started The Big O Franch in Ramona, California (click to find out what a franch is).  We sold our comfy condo, found a lovely four acre property, way out in the boon docks, and dove head long into the wild world of animal husbandry.

Our mission is to produce the finest plant and animal products, while fiercely protecting the health and quality of life of our livestock and greens.  The more we learn about large commercial operations, the more we prize the health, purity, and wellbeing of the living things on The Big O Franch.

Within three weeks of embarking on our new adventure we had learned how not to put up fence, that sheep carry at least three catastrophic diseases, and how to draw blood from the jugular vein of a small ruminant.  We realized that our school of hard knocks, and some of the lifesaving techniques we implemented might help others on their journey towards self sufficiency.

Please enjoy our posts about our adventures, and be sure to let us know what you think!

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  1. Lindy elizburu says:

    Do you sell sheep milk? I’m very interested in buying sheep milk for making something I learned in a cheese farm in Spain. It’s like soft cheese eaten with a spoon. They had lots of sheep in that farm. If you don’t sell it do you know where I can get some? Thanks.

  2. Lindy elizburu says:

    I corrected my wrong email address. I already posted my comment about buying sheep milk but realized my email address was wrong.

  3. Daniell Bogard says:

    We REALLY want fresh milk for our family of 6. We have 8 acres, but are not up to the task of a milk cow yet. We don’t care for goats milk. After a recent trip to Greece, we decided we should buy dairy sheep! However, information on sheep cheese is prolific while nearly nothing is online about drinking sheep milk. I understand it is higher fat content… is it reasonable to assume we could use the sheep milk for all of our milk needs? Primarily to drink, but also to bake and occasionally make cheese or soap etc.

  4. Ellie Honan says:


    I work at a non-profit community farm in Encinitas (Coastal Roots Farm) and I am considering bringing sheep to our farm. From what I can gather you are raising sheep using responsible ethical practices and it would be great to chat with someone raising sheep in the area as I’m weighing out whether or not it’s a realistic option for us. Do you offer farm visits?

    Thank you!

  5. Lisa Musgrove says:

    I’m trying to find raw milk on the East Cosst. Do you know any farms that sell it in this area of the Country?

    Thsnk you
    Lisa Musgrove

    1. admin says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Raw milk is a difficult prize to find. So many regulations exist around milk sales, that is truly difficult to find and sale. This is unfortunate since both producers and buyers are desperate to connect. You may be able to find raw milk at some of the specialty chains like Sprouts and Whole Foods. You can also search for “heard shares” in your area. These buy-in systems allow farmers to distribute milk without directly breaking any laws. You will have better luck finding goats milk over sheep, but it is worth a try.

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