In early 2014, on a whim,  someone in the Overson household said, “wouldn’t it be nice if we could live on a little bit of land, and have a few chickens!” 

Well, that one little thought was the catalyst that started The Big O Franch in Ramona, California (click to find out what a franch is).  We sold our comfy condo, found a lovely four acre property, way out in the boon docks, and dove head long into the wild world of animal husbandry.

Our mission is to produce the finest plant and animal products, while fiercely protecting the health and quality of life of our livestock and greens.  The more we learn about large commercial operations, the more we prize the health, purity, and wellbeing of the living things on The Big O Franch.

Within three weeks of embarking on our new adventure we had learned how not to put up fence, that sheep carry at least three catastrophic diseases, and how to draw blood from the jugular vein of a small ruminant.  We realized that our school of hard knocks, and some of the lifesaving techniques we implemented might help others on their journey towards self sufficiency.

Please enjoy our posts about our adventures, and be sure to let us know what you think!

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  1. do you sell sheep milk? how much for a 1/2 gallon?

    1. admin says:

      No we only keep cows now.

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