Weaning Time

So, the lambs made it through infancy with only a couple minor emergencies, lots of kisses, and one round of penicillin for Val.  Last week, as I took a moment to survey the vista, I noticed sheep shenanigans out of the corner of my eye.  Sasha was high tailing it away from Doc, who had the focus of Pepe Le Peau after that damn cat.  Dodge ferociously knocked the snot out of Doc REPEATEDLY, trying to get Doc to lay off his MILF.

Both boys looked agitated, and I thought Sasha was going to scale the side of the fence with her pointy little sheep feet.  It was time to wean.  Dodge was now almost as tall as his mom, and both boys stood out like dorky teenagers, in dirty sheets, on halloween night trying to snag some candy.

Dodge Getting Big
Dodge Getting Big

I repaired the broken gate, and haltered both boys.  We staggered, dragged, and lunged our way up the hill to the new bachelor pad.  This is when the real wailing and gnashing of teeth began.  After two days everyone settled down to the new routine, and the boys are 100% off milk.  Now, we are getting nearly a gallon of milk a day from our girl!  This is a worthy amount for a sheep, and we about to get crazy on some cheese making. HOORAY

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  1. Lois Grushka says:

    Thanks for the excellent post! My husband Steve and I are heading for our NEW life on five acres this spring. We are reading everything about sheep, know zip, but thinking a few wonderful dairy sheep a perfect match for us.

    1. admin says:

      I am so glad you found us! It is almost lambing season, and we are getting the lambing jugs ready for new mommas and babies. Great luck on your new venture; we have no regrets about choosing sheep over cows and goats. My advice to you is to be VERY selective about the animals you bring on your new farm. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. If you need help sourcing dairy sheep, you can check out this link http://www.milkingsheep.com/dairy-sheep-breeder-directory/.

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