Coyotes Destroy Flock

Forever more, labor day weekend will go down as coyote massacre day on the franch.  All seemed well in the morning until we noticed a pile of white feathers blowing in the morning breeze.  My heart fell, then I noticed more feather in black, red, a brown.

The kids started crying, and we began amassing the scattered, startled birds to determine the extent of our loss.  We located fresh coyote tracks.  We followed  the feather trail to the edge of the 5 foot fence, and took note of how the coyotes effortlessly sailed up and over the fence with our poor birds.

In all we lost ten chicken and three ducks that night.  We spent the rest of the day fortifying our coop, and nursed one drake who sustained a leg injury.

What we learned about about coyotes:

  • Chickens are not safe roosting in trees
  • Coyotes are masters at slipping under and over just about anything.
  • Huge drakes were a challenge for the coyotes, but lovely ducks were easy game.

We blame ourselves, and revisited our management plans with gusto.  Not only did we lose valuable flock members, we needlessly lost unique avian personalities we came to adore.

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