French White Muscovy Ducks

Our French White Muscovies are now 8 weeks old, and they are huge.  They literally grew before our eyes, and the males now weigh in at about 8 lbs.

French White Muscovy Ducks 8 Weeks
French White Muscovy Ducks

We were able to move them outside at around 6 weeks, and now they are fully feathered.  Our plan is to begin processing the males at 10 weeks, keeping two of the largest drakes for our breeding program.  The ducks are much smaller, and more nimble than the big boys.

We were surprised how aloof the ducks have remained.  From day one they have always seemed to regard us with cool interest.  The only exception to this rule is in the morning at first feed, when every muscovy is focused on dashing from the coop to the duck feeder.

Our muscovies have integrated well with our two remaining hens, and everyone lives as one blended family.  Muscovies are easy to house, put themselves up at night, and don’t need large swimming areas to stay healthy and clean.  The drawbacks we have found are the massive amounts of feed these ducks need to maintain the pound per week growth rate, and the very messy poo and water usage.  We find they need a larger space than the same number of chickens because they soil everything around them.



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  1. william song says:

    I have a small backyard and a small pound. I would like to raise a pair of mini duck such as call duck or wood duck.

    I would like to know if you carry those mini duck or goose, which could survival in San Diego.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for coming by our page! Right now the only water fowl we carry are the Muscovy ducks. I don’t know anyone who raises mini ducks, but do see them on craigslist from time to time. I do have a hatch of Muscovy ducks coming this Wednesday ( I dare to count my ducks before they hatch). So, if you are interested in taking a look at these lovely birds let me know. You mentioned an interest in a goose. These ducks would fit somewhere between the mallard duck and a goose without the loud calls. They make more of a soft he-he-he sound. Good Luck!

  2. James says:

    Hello! Wondering if you have any Muscovy ducklings available? Thanks for the info

    1. admin says:

      Hi James,

      We usually have ducks in a variety of ages. I will message you privately.

  3. Layka says:

    Do you have french muscovy duck hatching eggs available?

    1. admin says:

      No sorry, we have discontinued our duck project, and now focus on chickens and dairy sheep!

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