East Friesian Breeder Rams

We currently have two East Friesian breeder rams that will make wonderful additions to any dairy flock.  In an effort to add genetic diversity, we plan to rotate our breeding rams out on an annual basis.  This means we will have proven breeders available after our ewes are bred in the fall.  All of our sheep are tested for Johne’s, OPP, and CL.  We believe in selling ONLY healthy animals.

These studs will be used to settle our ewes September 2015, and will be available mid October.  Please call to reserve your ram.

2015 Dodge Ram – $500

East Friesian/ Lacunae Cross

This is the first ram produced on the Big O Franch.  He is out of clean stock from Rincanada Dairy, and is a single out of a first time mother.  His dam is one of our foundation ewes and produced an admiral 750 lbs of milk over a 180 lactation period, and kept on going.  She is an easy milker with a patient personality.  Dodge is halter broke, and very gentle with people.  He would be an amazing sire for operations interested in increasing diary yield.

2015 Doc Ram – $600

High Percentage East Friesian Dairy Ram

This ram is a very solid dairy specimen, and his dam has remarkable udder formation.  Doc is a compact and muscular, and has the classic East Friesian “rat tail”.  He presents with a wide base favored in dairy animals; and is out of stock from the Spooner Research Station, and other northern California dairies.


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