What’s a Franch?

The Big O Franch was the result of a cold war style vocabulary dispute between franch founders, Merrill and Jonna.

Jonna is from Oklahoma, where farms are generally smaller in scale, and grow a variety of crops, including animals that a farmer might consume.  The term ranch is reserved for massive operations, where professionals with big brimmed hats and horses work livestock as far as the eye can see.  Ranches of this magnitude may also grow crops to support the needs of the animals.

Merrill is from California where anyone with a half acre can call themselves a rancher, and farmers only grow plants.

For many months they disagreed on the proper term for their new home, until Merrill proposed a compromise, “And It Shall Be Called A Franch”.  All parties agreed, and a new word was born.  So, you are witnessing a true contributing action to marital bliss, cheers!

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