Meet the Franchers

Merrill Overson


This handsome devil grew up is Rancho Penasquitos.  He is a real city slicker with a big heart, and an unwavering good attitude for any franch task that comes his way.  He is slowly mastering the use of a hammer, but takes incredibly delicate care of everyone under his charge, especially his spoiled wife, and two girls.


Jonna Overson


Jonna is serial project-imiser.  She always has a design, plan, thing, or task lined up, or in the works.  She is slow to ask for help, and quick to bite off more then she can chew.  But, she tends to make it through to completion.The way it works – Jonna comes up with the idea and draws detailed plans, Merrill complains about it, Jonna builds it, then Merrill takes care of it for the next tenyears.  That’s solid symbiosis.



The Girls:

Morryll: She is in her early teens. Morryll is not only the photographer for this website but also a partner in our new website; Radical Restaurant Improvements. She enjoys running and photography. Her favorite part of the franch is the sheep.

Seaonna: Seaonna is a joyful person who is just bursting with smilies. She is always making the people around her happy and the animals to, she walks out and the chickens run towards her with joy looking for treats.



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